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We provide business support services for small, medium and large businesses based in the U.K.

  • If you have an idea, a skill or talent and want to share it with the world and make some money, the Worry Less Angels can help
  • If you already have a website or online shop and need some support to get momentum or support to handle the momentum, Worry Less Angels can help
  • If you are an established business, and need extra help, Worry Less Angels can help

We can provide support and services from 2 hours to 40 hours, our rates are extraordinarily reasonable as we know start-ups and small businesses have limited cashflow and larger businesses have spending restrictions.

We guarantee that any hours invested with us will save you double or even triple the hours it would take for you to learn and do it yourself.

We are more cost effective that hiring employees or specialist agencies who won’t have the breadth of skills and experience.

We are motivated, intelligent and quick with proven reliability and an attention to detail. We have excitement and genuine interest in products and businesses succeeding. No job is too small or too hard and every piece of work will be delivered at an A** level.